Session 3

After spending a couple of days developing new powers, the party is contacted by Jenny Justice who tells them she’s found someone who may know something about demons. Dr. Dade and Zweihander go to the Justice Coalition Headquarters and meet an angel named Lisa IT who tells them a little about demons, namely that they come from Pandemonium, have tails and corrosive blood, are highly prone to mutation and are beings of chaos. Corban asks her to look into his father. At the JCHQ the party also learns that the remains of the man who tried to bomb the place have mysteriously vanished.

After that the party heads to The Core to investigate the Aperture Science Enrichment Center to find the demon they previously encountered at the credit union; Subject 1369 also wants to demolish the place. Upon arrival at the ground level they meet Sally Demon. Sally is able to see into the future, and had a vision that she would meet, as she called them, the cat man, the fire man, and the sword man, who must defeat the “smiley man”. She also way that they would lead her to the Enrichment Center to help her get home, having been stranded in our plane for several months.

En route to the Enrichment Center the gang stop a mugging and fight some GPD Police-Bots. Arriving at the enrichment center, Sally uses her Infernal powers to disable the electronic lock on the front doors. The find the Enrichment Center deserted and cleaned out, but hear the sounds of machinery from below. Decending an insanly long elevator shaft, they fing the room wher 1369 was experimented upon, a few testing chambers, and a somehow still active control room. There they find encrypted files of interest. Eventually they get to the bottom where they find several extra-dimensional beings hanging out in front of a large and unstable dimensional portal. They also find a large generator which is providing power to the entire facility. All of these people were brought to Earth against their will and cannot return through this portal because they will have their atoms strewn across The Multiverse if they try. Sally disables the rest of the facility and 1369 decides to hang out here and help the refugees.



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