Session 5

Zweihander, Subject 1369, and Indigo take Eric the Angel and Johnny Demon with them to make contact with the vigilante group. Along the way they see secret agents O and A “interrogating” The Human Camel in a police station among several dead cops and ruined police bots, all the agents’ handy work. The agents kill the camel. A fight ensues. The party defeats the agents, who both end up dead. Corban and 1369 now have lightsabers. Shortly after that the party encounters a teleporting hero named The Specter. He is satifsied with the new help the party has recruited for them and leaves to report to their leader, Logan. Eric and Johnny go back to the Enrichment center. The trio moves tot he middle level where they find Walter and the Wicked Witch, along with some flying monkeys, robbing the club goers. Battle ensues; Corban puts his new dimensional travel power to work, banishing the monkeys to Arcadia. The Witch is incapacitated and Walter is killed… again. 1369 goes to the JCHQ to find two Jenny Justices, one of whom follows him back to the club with a containment device to transport Walters body before it disappears.



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