Session 4

While Subject 1369 stays behind at the Enrichment Center to help the refugees there, Indigo and Zwiehander go back to the top level to do some research. They first go to the Arcadian Embassy to try to find information on portals, and receive a scroll detailing a magical means of creating a dimensional portal. Then, Dr. Dade and Zweihander go to Corban’s house to try to decrypt the files they found at the Enrichment Center, but are unsuccessful. They then go to the JCHQ to get the help of Lisa IT, who manages to decrypt some of the data. She finds a document showing that Corban’s father was involved in the genetic altering of Subject 1369, presumably against his will, with hints that he ended up being experimented on himself. While there a man, who Corban recognizes as the guy who flew the plane, enters wearing a nametag that says Walter, and makes a run for the prison. Corban and Zweihander persue and fight him, with great difficulty, but do manage to hurt him. He reaches into his pocket, pulls out a detonator, and presses the button, using himself as a human bomb. This time he is successful, and the explosion shuts down power to the prison and many supervillians escape. By this time Subject 1369 has rejoined the party, and the three of them go to the ground level to contact a group of vigilante super heros for help and information. They contact an asian biker babe who clearly has some powers; 1369 encountered her previously getting food for the refugees in the enrichment center. She agrees to try to find any information about Walter. The party then goes back to the Enrichment Center and convinces the people there to help them in their efforts.



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