Session 2

After apprehending The Human Camel, the party takes him to the top level to be detained at Justice Coalition Headquarters, where they meet Jenny Justice I. After leaving, a man with smiley face make up attempts to crash a small plane into the JCHQ, but his attempt is thwarted by Subject 1369; the plane is redirected to crash harmlessly in Lake Michigan, and the pilot jumps out. After a brief free falling struggle with 1369, the man sets his energy pistol to overload and throws it into the entrence of the HQ just before going splat on the ground. The pistol explodes causing minimal damage to the facility and a few injuries. During the aftermath, Indigo sees… something in the crowd, which he has not yet shared with the group. After that, the group goes to Indigo’s house where they develop some new powers, contact Jenny Justice about information on demons (no information found yet), and ultimatly decide to head to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center to investigate the demon they’ve found.



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