The Multiverse

A guide to the Multiverse

The terms universe, reality, realm, plane, and other similar terms are often used interchangeably by laymen, but for those who study the workings of the Multiverse, commonalities of nomenclature have developed. The general term used is DIMENSION. There are four kinds of dimensions, and they exist in what could be described as a hierarchy. At the top is the DIMENSIONAL HUB, also called “The Void”. Below that are seven MAJOR DIMENSIONS, also called “Realities”, “Templates”, or “Laws”. Below that are an infinite number of MINOR DIMENSIONS, most commonly called “universes” or less commonly “histories”. Finally there are POCKET DIMENSIONS, also known as “Realms” or “Planes”.

The Dimensional Hub (AKA The Void)

The Void is a non place, a dimension of non existence. There is nothing there normally, and the Hub is only accessible by the seven Dimensional Guardians (see below). The Guardians occasionally meet in the the Void do discuss multiversal concerns. When none of them are there, it’s difficult to say that The Dimensional Hub really exists at all.

Major Dimension (AKA Reality)

There are seven major dimensions, each of which serves as a template for a set of physical laws; the boundaries of what is possible or impossible in a minor dimension. Thus, every universe is based on a reality. In our universe and many others based on the same reality, each of the seven realities is usually labeled by a color from the visible spectrum (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet). It is unknown if and how they are categorized in universes based on other realities. Our universe is based on the Blue Reality, as is any other universe where physics works the way we know it to. Universes based on other realities are completely alien to us, so much so that it would be nigh impossible to describe them.
As mentioned, each major dimension has a guardian; ours is the Blue Guardian. The guardians are tasked with the regulation and protection of the universes based on his/her/it’s reality, as well as representing those universes to the other guardians, in multiversal affairs.

Minor Dimensions (AKA Universes)

Each major dimension has an infinite number of minor dimensions which exist according to the physical laws of it’s parent major dimension. What separates one universe from another within the same reality is it’s history; not all blue universes like ours have a planet called Earth, but many do and all are capable of it. Those that don’t had their histories unfold in such a way that the planet never came into being. Universes are typically categorized (by those knowledgeable enough to do so) by their base reality color and a number. Our universe is Blue 42.

Pocket Dimensions (AKA Realms)

Pocket dimensions exist in what could be called a symbiotic relationship with minor dimensions; they need to be “attached” to a universe to exist, but by doing so they augment the reality parameters of the universe they are attached to. In other words, having a realm connected to your universe allows for the impossible to occur. Universe Blue 42 has many realms attached to it; the exact number is unknown but is widely believed to be finite.
As the name suggests, pocket dimensions are much smaller in both size and scope than minor dimensions. Most of the known realms attached to our universe consist of one or two star systems which usually have one populated planet. The unique, reality defying qualities of a realm tend to bleed into the parent universe; the phenomenon is usually called a Force. For example, magic exists in our universe (despite being physically impossible) because of the Magic Force originating from the realm known as Arcadia. Another well known realm connected to our universe is The Celestial Realm, from whence originates The Celestial Force. Realms are usually inhabited by creatures known to our folklore and mythology. It is hotly debated if our literature is based on the existence of realms, or if the realms are somehow shaped by our ideas.

The Multiverse

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