Power Descriptors

In the Mutants and Masterminds system, power descriptors are the final touches in creating powers. While power effects detail what a power does, descriptors detail how they work, where they come from, and the like. Powers can have all sorts of descriptors. Some descriptors have special meanings and applications in this setting.

The information presented here is meant to be guidelines to maintain consistency in the setting, not unbreakable rules.

(These guidelines for Descriptors can also apply to a characters origin, along with any related Complications. For information on Origins, see page 30 of the rule book. Complications can be found on page 27.)

Mutant versus Genetic

While anyone with abnormal genetics could be called a mutant, the Mutant descriptor should apply to mutations a character was born with. Powers resulting from genetic changes after birth (e.g. exposure to radiation or genetic tampering) should have the Genetic descriptor.


In this setting one can have Powers that function by manipulating Forces which originate from other dimensions, but only powers which have interdemensional effects, such as dimensional travel, should have the dimensional descriptor.


Some Powers function by manipulating Forces originating from Pocket Dimensions. These Forces have their own pages.


“Device” is a term used to refer to any Power with the Removable Flaw. Technological Devices should have the Technology descriptor in addition to others.

Some devices are more mystical and work by manipulating Forces, and should have the same descriptors as a non-removable power using that force. (see above).

Special Materials

Some Devices may be made of substances which have special properties. This is particularly relevant to weapons and armor. Some examples:

*Unstable Molecules

Time Powers

Powers that allow the user to perceive or travel to the past or future should have Time or Temporal as a descriptor. In this setting, time travel works differently than it does in most science fiction. See Temporal Mechanics for more information.

Power Descriptors

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