House Rules

This page contains tweaks, alterations, and clarifications to the normal Mutants and Mastermind rules.

Clarifying the rules

Dimensional Travel

The system for the Dimensional Travel option of the Movement Effect (page 120 of the rulebook) refers to groups of dimensions; specifically, “For 2 ranks [of Dimensional Travel] you can move between any of a related group of dimensions”. For the purposes of this campaign, these groups are Major, Minor, and Pocket Dimensions. See The Multiverse for more information.

Time Travel

The description of 1 rank in the Time Travel option of the the Movement Effect says you can travel to a fixed point in time, but the example gives intervals (100 years in the past or 1000 years in the future, whereas a fixed point would be something like January 9th 2235). In this game we’re going by the example; time travel uses intervals of time from the present. See Temporal Mechanics.

Bending the rules

Power Descriptors

Normally descriptors are icing on the cake when designing powers and aren’t directly affected by, nor do they directly affect, Effects, Extras or Flaws. This is still true; however, for this campaign I have set guidelines for designing powers with particular descriptors. Read all about it here and in the linked pages.

Dimensional Travel

Even with 3 ranks of dimensional travel, which allows travel to any dimension, the Dimensional Hub is off limits. Travel to any Major Dimension other than Blue, or a Minor Dimension based on one of these Major Dimensions, requires the character to have at least 5 ranks in Expertise: Multiverse; a skill check isn’t necessary, but having this skill demonstrates that your character even knows that these dimensions exist because they are by nature totally alien to us. See The Multiverse for more information.

Breaking the rules

Hero Points

In this campaign, hero points do not reset with each adventure. Players can save up hero points over time. (See page 20 of the rule book)

Inventions and Rituals

The wording in the book suggests that an invention or ritual needs to be used in a scene or it’s lost. That seems to me a lousy rule considering how long it takes to prepare these things, so I’m changing that: inventions and rituals can be held on to indefinatly, but remain 1 time use items.

House Rules

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