Some significant events in the history of Earth of universe Blue 42.


Nathaniel Goth is the first European settler of a large island in Lake Michigan that will eventually become known as Goth Island.


During World War II, the United States government completes a prototype super soldier serum and produces the famous war hero Colonel Liberty. A young woman from the army’s corps of nurses named Jenny Justice is selected to be his assistant, partly due to her name, and partly due to her looks. The intent behind was for Jenny to be a propaganda icon, but during the war Jenny’s mutant powers began to manifest and she became a proper sidekick for the Colonel, fighting along side him. After Colonel Liberty was killed by the Nazi villain Blitzkrieg, Jenny Justice becomes a hero in her own right, famous for being one of the first out of the closet mutants.

By the end of the war, the several small towns on Goth Island incorporate into a single city calld Gothopolus.


Several large corporations and technology firms begin relocating to Gothopolus.


The civil rights movement included mutants in the group of people for whom is was advocating. An African American woman with mutant powers becomes involved with the movement and adopts the name Jenny Justice. The original Justice is initially upset about her name being attached to the movement for complicated reasons, which would later on lead to rumors of her being a racist. Eventually the two heroes become friends up until the younger’s death at the hands of riot police towards the end of the movement.


A massive battle between super heroes and super villains in Albuquerque New Mexico leads to massive property destruction and casualties of innocent bystanders. Though hardly uncommon when super humans clash, this specific incident was particularly severe; even in present time the city hasn’t fully recovered. Public outcry for justice and regulation on super heroes leads to the passing of The Federal Superhero Registration Act.

Gothopolus faces a serious overpopulation problem. To resolve this the city’s technology firms, lead by Aperture Science Labs, begins developing plans to implement a leveled design for the city.


The tiered city project in Gothopolus is completed. The project bankrupts Aperture Science Labs; this along with several government investigations leads to the death of the company.

Stark Industries designs and builds the Sentinels to protect the pillars of Gothopolus.


The central area of Gothopolus’s ground level is abandoned by all but the poorest of the city’s residents. The infrastructure of the area is almost completely ignored by the city. The once booming metropolitan area becomes a large and perpetually dark slum known as The Core.


The world’s governments summon the most well known and powerful super heroes to handle some highly classified crisis that no one seems to know anything about.


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