Session 6

After securing Walter’s body in a containment device the team got to witness his resurrection process in action; his body dissipated into a mist of particles which were unable to escape and so re-materialized right there. In the process, Zweihander lost a trophy. Contained for now, Walter was brought back to the JCHQ. The full Justice Coalition was there. Lisa IT had finished decoding the files from the Enrichment Center, which revealed some information about Zweihander, namely that he was in the custody of Aperture Science at one point. Walter was interrogated, revealing that he was granted his immortality in the time of Ancient Rome, and has been causing death and destruction ever since out of boredom. He intimated that he was the reason Rome burned and that he is responsible for World War I. He however he did not reveal any details about his plan.

The team was then sent to city hall where the mayor and some other important city officials were being held hostage by a team of super villains called The Board, comprised of Psycosis, Magnenatrix, Haxxor, and Monsoon. Victor went in first, having been granted invisibility by a magic device made a Corban. When fighting broke out Zweihander went into assist, with Corban providing support from outside. All four villains were neutralized. Monsoon was taken into custody, Magnenatrix was killed by Corban underestimating the effects of a 200 foot body slam, and the other two were slain by Zweihander after they surrendered, despite Victor’s attempts to stop him. The mayor, after being untied, immediately summoned the police to arrest Zweihander for murder. Zweihander fleed and Victor tried to warn the mayor that such an accident will result in deaths, which the mayor took as a threat. So, with Zweihander wanted for murder, Corban wanted for manslaughter, and Victor labeled an accomplice, the group needed to flee.

And flee they did, via Corban’s dimentional travel spell. The team found themselves in the realm of Arcadia, surrounded by green grass, tall trees, and several elves aiming bows at them.

Session 5

Zweihander, Subject 1369, and Indigo take Eric the Angel and Johnny Demon with them to make contact with the vigilante group. Along the way they see secret agents O and A “interrogating” The Human Camel in a police station among several dead cops and ruined police bots, all the agents’ handy work. The agents kill the camel. A fight ensues. The party defeats the agents, who both end up dead. Corban and 1369 now have lightsabers. Shortly after that the party encounters a teleporting hero named The Specter. He is satifsied with the new help the party has recruited for them and leaves to report to their leader, Logan. Eric and Johnny go back to the Enrichment center. The trio moves tot he middle level where they find Walter and the Wicked Witch, along with some flying monkeys, robbing the club goers. Battle ensues; Corban puts his new dimensional travel power to work, banishing the monkeys to Arcadia. The Witch is incapacitated and Walter is killed… again. 1369 goes to the JCHQ to find two Jenny Justices, one of whom follows him back to the club with a containment device to transport Walters body before it disappears.

Session 4

While Subject 1369 stays behind at the Enrichment Center to help the refugees there, Indigo and Zwiehander go back to the top level to do some research. They first go to the Arcadian Embassy to try to find information on portals, and receive a scroll detailing a magical means of creating a dimensional portal. Then, Dr. Dade and Zweihander go to Corban’s house to try to decrypt the files they found at the Enrichment Center, but are unsuccessful. They then go to the JCHQ to get the help of Lisa IT, who manages to decrypt some of the data. She finds a document showing that Corban’s father was involved in the genetic altering of Subject 1369, presumably against his will, with hints that he ended up being experimented on himself. While there a man, who Corban recognizes as the guy who flew the plane, enters wearing a nametag that says Walter, and makes a run for the prison. Corban and Zweihander persue and fight him, with great difficulty, but do manage to hurt him. He reaches into his pocket, pulls out a detonator, and presses the button, using himself as a human bomb. This time he is successful, and the explosion shuts down power to the prison and many supervillians escape. By this time Subject 1369 has rejoined the party, and the three of them go to the ground level to contact a group of vigilante super heros for help and information. They contact an asian biker babe who clearly has some powers; 1369 encountered her previously getting food for the refugees in the enrichment center. She agrees to try to find any information about Walter. The party then goes back to the Enrichment Center and convinces the people there to help them in their efforts.

Session 3

After spending a couple of days developing new powers, the party is contacted by Jenny Justice who tells them she’s found someone who may know something about demons. Dr. Dade and Zweihander go to the Justice Coalition Headquarters and meet an angel named Lisa IT who tells them a little about demons, namely that they come from Pandemonium, have tails and corrosive blood, are highly prone to mutation and are beings of chaos. Corban asks her to look into his father. At the JCHQ the party also learns that the remains of the man who tried to bomb the place have mysteriously vanished.

After that the party heads to The Core to investigate the Aperture Science Enrichment Center to find the demon they previously encountered at the credit union; Subject 1369 also wants to demolish the place. Upon arrival at the ground level they meet Sally Demon. Sally is able to see into the future, and had a vision that she would meet, as she called them, the cat man, the fire man, and the sword man, who must defeat the “smiley man”. She also way that they would lead her to the Enrichment Center to help her get home, having been stranded in our plane for several months.

En route to the Enrichment Center the gang stop a mugging and fight some GPD Police-Bots. Arriving at the enrichment center, Sally uses her Infernal powers to disable the electronic lock on the front doors. The find the Enrichment Center deserted and cleaned out, but hear the sounds of machinery from below. Decending an insanly long elevator shaft, they fing the room wher 1369 was experimented upon, a few testing chambers, and a somehow still active control room. There they find encrypted files of interest. Eventually they get to the bottom where they find several extra-dimensional beings hanging out in front of a large and unstable dimensional portal. They also find a large generator which is providing power to the entire facility. All of these people were brought to Earth against their will and cannot return through this portal because they will have their atoms strewn across The Multiverse if they try. Sally disables the rest of the facility and 1369 decides to hang out here and help the refugees.

Session 2

After apprehending The Human Camel, the party takes him to the top level to be detained at Justice Coalition Headquarters, where they meet Jenny Justice I. After leaving, a man with smiley face make up attempts to crash a small plane into the JCHQ, but his attempt is thwarted by Subject 1369; the plane is redirected to crash harmlessly in Lake Michigan, and the pilot jumps out. After a brief free falling struggle with 1369, the man sets his energy pistol to overload and throws it into the entrence of the HQ just before going splat on the ground. The pistol explodes causing minimal damage to the facility and a few injuries. During the aftermath, Indigo sees… something in the crowd, which he has not yet shared with the group. After that, the group goes to Indigo’s house where they develop some new powers, contact Jenny Justice about information on demons (no information found yet), and ultimatly decide to head to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center to investigate the demon they’ve found.

Session 1
An unusual bank heist

A week after finding the amnesiac Zweihander, Subject 1369 introduces him to Doctor Corban Dade, a.k.a. Indigo. During this introduction the three are alerted to a bank robbery run by a rejected super hero known as The Human Camel. While dispatching the Camel and his henchmen, one of the hostages at the bank transforms into a large demon and flies away after being attacked. Subject 1369 follows the demon and sees him disappear into the abandoned Aperture Science Enrichment Center.

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