Jenny Justice III

The current; leader of the Justice Coalition



Jenny has black hair cut in a bob cut. She has an athletic build and stands about 5’5". Her costume is designed after a gymnast’s outfit but has a patriotic color scheme: red torso, blue sleeves with stars, red and white stripes legs. Her concussive energy projector is a backpack generator with cables leading to gauntlets and boots which actually project the energy.


This Jenny Justice is known for being spunky and energetic, but at times also hot headed and impatient. She is a woman of action, and prefers to resolve situations physically. As such she occasionally needs to be reminded of other possibilities by her team. She’s also known for having a great sense of humor.


Former Olympic gymnast Veronica Slayden was hand picked by the original Jenny Justice to be her namesake and lead the super hero team she was putting together, The Justice Coalition. Jenny employed Stark Industries to design a Device which would emulate her own Powers and trained Veronica herself. While the original handles the business end of the JC, the new Jenny Justice leads the team in the field. She has used her acrobatic abilities to master her concussive energy projector and can use her simulated powers almost as well as her mentor can use her natural ones.

Those who work close with the Jenny Justices have noted that, though the fight and bicker constantly, beneath the surface there is a deep and profound respect for each other.

Jenny Justice III

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