Jenny Justice II

Mutant civil rights activist; deceased


Tonya Grady was a teenager during the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and as a black woman was very heavily involved. During this time she developed her mutant powers of strength and toughness. One of her role models as a mutant was Jenny Justice, so she chose to adopt the name as a symbol of the equality she was fighting for. This briefly brought her into conflict with Ms. Justice, who didn’t want to be associated with a conflict consisting of Americans fighting each other, but the two eventually came to an understanding and became friends.

Unfortunately, Tonya was killed by riot police during a protest towards the end of the movement. Her connection to Jenny Justice made her a public figure, and her death is now considered a major factor to the progress made during the civil rights movement, and is still seen today as a source of inspiration by many fighting injustice and inequality.

Jenny Justice II

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