Jenny Justice I

The original: war hero and famous mutant



In her younger years, Jenny Justice was considered quite an attractive young blond; in fact her looks were a big part of what got her involved in the super hero business. Today, although she certainly looks her age, she has kept herself in pretty good shape. She stands 5’6", has short gray hair and is usually seen wearing a business suit (historically she has had a few different costumes, usually based on military uniforms). She rarely wears it anymore, but she still has the campaign cover worn by her late mentor Colonel Liberty. At some point she injured her hip and now has to walk with a cane, but her age and injury have not diminished her abilities, and even though she now works behind the scenes she can still kick ass if she needs to.


Jenny began her career full of optimism, eagerness, and patriotism. While serving with Col. Liberty she was known for always having a big, beaming smile. Unfortunatly, that began to change after the colonel’s demise, and since than she has seen a lot of terrible events. Deep down she still has a degree of hope for humanity and a desire to help people, but on the surface her cheeriness has given way first to solemnity, then to bitterness. These days she rarely smiles, and has a reputation at the JCHQ for being something of a task master and a balls breaker. Despite all this (and the baseless and constant accusations of racism that have plagued her since the 60’s) there are few people within the super hero community who don’t like and respect her. Even her enemies tend to have good things to say about her.


As a young woman Jenny Justice (yes, that’s her real name) was a secretary for the army. Based on her attractive appearance and American-buzzword-containing name, she was chosen to be the personal assistant to Colonel Liberty, a super hero created by the Army to fight the Nazis and win hearts and minds back home. The idea with Jenny was mainly for the propaganda element of the Col. Liberty project; she was depicted as his sidekick, but no one expected a girl, especially such a pretty one, to have any real involvement in combat. No one, that is, except the Col. himself. At the beginning Col. Liberty used Jenny as his transportation, driving or flying him into combat zones, but during the early stages of their partnership her mutant powers of conclusive energy projection began to manifest, and before long she was right there in the shit with him. The Army tried to keep all of this quiet but they weren’t really able to stop soldiers from writing home about the flying blonde girl shooting fire from her hands. After the Col. was killed by Nazi super villain Blitzkrieg, Jenny decided to take over for him. She defied the Army’s wishes after the war and made a public statement: she was a woman and a mutant, but more importantly she was a soldier, and anybody who didn’t like it was welcome to tell her to her face.

No one took her up on her offer.

Jenny continued fighting for her country in Korea but became disillusioned with the war and decided to come home and be a crime fighter. She was a beloved public figure but drew some controversy in some circles because of her refusal to participate in, or even support, the Civil Rights Movement, and decision that became big news after she publicly asked Jenny Justice II to stop using her name. The two fought a bit but eventually came to an understanding; Jenny’s refusal to support the cause was not because she disagreed (on the contrary, she was very concerned with equality), but because she did not want to be connected to a conflict between Americans.

During the 80s Jenny decided to retire, but has recently decided that she should take a more active role in the super hero business. To that end she used her money and influence to create The Justice Coalition and chose her succesor to lead the team.

Jenny Justice I

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