Session 6

After securing Walter’s body in a containment device the team got to witness his resurrection process in action; his body dissipated into a mist of particles which were unable to escape and so re-materialized right there. In the process, Zweihander lost a trophy. Contained for now, Walter was brought back to the JCHQ. The full Justice Coalition was there. Lisa IT had finished decoding the files from the Enrichment Center, which revealed some information about Zweihander, namely that he was in the custody of Aperture Science at one point. Walter was interrogated, revealing that he was granted his immortality in the time of Ancient Rome, and has been causing death and destruction ever since out of boredom. He intimated that he was the reason Rome burned and that he is responsible for World War I. He however he did not reveal any details about his plan.

The team was then sent to city hall where the mayor and some other important city officials were being held hostage by a team of super villains called The Board, comprised of Psycosis, Magnenatrix, Haxxor, and Monsoon. Victor went in first, having been granted invisibility by a magic device made a Corban. When fighting broke out Zweihander went into assist, with Corban providing support from outside. All four villains were neutralized. Monsoon was taken into custody, Magnenatrix was killed by Corban underestimating the effects of a 200 foot body slam, and the other two were slain by Zweihander after they surrendered, despite Victor’s attempts to stop him. The mayor, after being untied, immediately summoned the police to arrest Zweihander for murder. Zweihander fleed and Victor tried to warn the mayor that such an accident will result in deaths, which the mayor took as a threat. So, with Zweihander wanted for murder, Corban wanted for manslaughter, and Victor labeled an accomplice, the group needed to flee.

And flee they did, via Corban’s dimentional travel spell. The team found themselves in the realm of Arcadia, surrounded by green grass, tall trees, and several elves aiming bows at them.



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